Let’s do this ebook thaing: Platform, platform, platform

Great. I started a blog, and then haven’t posted on it since forever. I’ve become that guy who does that.

Well no more, because Cine High is about to be released as an ebook, and, as the author, I somehow have to become obsessed with my “platform.”

Platform, platform, platform, platform. Basically, the author’s platform is his or her version of “why you should buy my crud.” For nonfiction authors, this means demonstrating why you’re an expert in your subject matter. For fiction authors, it means having a personality.

I’m trying really, really hard to have a personality. No, really.

The “author blog” thing seems backwards to me. Shouldn’t it be that a reader likes the book, and then tracks down the author to learn more? Instead, it’s the reader wants to learn more about the author before committing to buy the $1-3 (or free) self-pubbed ebook. Therefore, this blog is now officially a thing.

Where do I get off calling myself an author? Cine High will be available for the Kindle in a matter of weeks. Keep watching this site for more on what its about and when you’ll be able to read and enjoy it.

And… we’re done. Author’s blog.

About Mac McEntire

Author of CINE HIGH. amazon.com/dp/B00859NDJ8
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