Simon Marshall’s sister Lisa is missing. To find her, Simon explores the planetwide city he calls home, where flying cars soar among gleaming skyscrapers while shadowy creatures practice dark magic in back alleys.

His search leads to the subterknights, vigilantes fighting the oppressive Comosus Corporation. The subterknights make Simon one of their own. He joins their fight while learning hidden truths about the world around him. The question remains, where is Lisa?



For most kids, visiting the high-tech rides and attractions at Fiction Island is a once in a lifetime experience. For 15-year-old Bren Fairlock, the futuristic amusement park is home. His father is a park executive, and they live in an apartment in the island’s employees-only area.

When there’s trouble, Bren sneaks off into the park’s hidden tunnels, where he dons all-black body armor and a black mask to become the StoryShadow, Fiction Island’s protector. He does what security fails to do – fight drug dealers, pickpockets, and worse. One night, Bren encounters a disoriented young woman named Clex alone in the park, with no idea how she got there.

After discovering Clex’s strange mental connection with the island’s electronics, Bren knows she is no lost tourist. To find the answers, Bren must convince Clex to use her abilities to help him. She refuses, unless he reveals his own secrets to her.

Cover art by Michael McVey.



A comedic/dramatic/romantic superhero epic.

Amy McBloom struggles to pay her bills, bickers on the phone with her mom, and hopes to meet a guy. She can also defy gravity with a thought, and she is strong enough to bench press a garbage truck.

As U.S. Amy, she keeps the people of Boston safe. But when Amy discovers a deadly worldwide conspiracy, she’ll need help. Fighting crime is one thing, but getting a bunch of her fellow superheroes to work together? That’s the real challenge.

Cover art by Michael McVey.


Jack “Joke” McDee cares more about making his classmates laugh than his schoolwork, and his grades show it. On the last week of eighth grade, after Joke does his “clumsy juggler” act on the hood of the principal’s car, he’s nearly run over by a strange girl with a pink motorcycle. She tells him the truth, that he’s not human. He’s the living embodiment of the genre of comedy.

The girl takes Joke for a ride, transporting him to a strange high school, Cine High, where tough kids Action and Scifi have abducted the teachers and barricaded all the doors. Action and Scifi plan to take over all of entertainment once they graduate, and they’re holding the school hostage until all the other students swear loyalty to them.

Only one other student has the numbers to fight back, Horror. To convince Horror to join his side, Joke journeys from one end of the school to the other throughout the day. The whole time, he wonders, is comedy really the most powerful genre?

Cover art by Erich Asperschlager. Check out his music at

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