21 Jump Street rewatch: “What About Love?”

Rewatching 21 Jump Street! It’s all relationship woes all the time in season three, episode ten, “What About Love?”


What’s goin’ down: Penhall’s girlfriend has had enough and finally thrown him out. Hoffs, meanwhile, is secretly dating the police financial inspector in charge of auditing Jump Street. They fall for each other, only for her to learn he’s married. When she dumps him, the audit doesn’t go well.

Bedroom eyes.

Bedroom eyes.

Here’s Hanson: Hanson is the first person Penahall goes to after getting kicked out of his place. Their friendship can’t quite handle the “roommates” thing, though, so Penhall ends up living with Ioki. Hanson also spends more time with his girlfriend, Jackie the D.A., in an example of a healthy relationship.

Penhall’s prerogatives: Penhall is just as slovenly of a roomy for Ioki as he was for his girlfriend.

Lonely street.

Lonely street.

Book ‘em: Penhall can’t stay with Booker, because Booker has a lovely lady for company that night.

Undercover blues: The case of the week has to do with the cops trying to catch a flasher harassing couples at “Lover’s Lane” which is somehow an actual place. Nabbing the crook involves Ioki dressing in drag.

So where's the Angry Inch?

So where’s the Angry Inch?

Goin’ to the chapel: Lots of new details seen around the station. Hoffs’ desk has a big broken part of the wall behind it, revealing red bricks underneath. Damage, or a pop aesthetic? Also, we see the Jump Street ladies’ room for the first time, and it has a huge sign on the wall that reads “Pool.” Your guess is as good as mine.

Trivia time: Lots of callbacks to previous episodes. Hanson’s relationship with his father gets mentioned, and the writers remember that Penhall and Hoffs slept together that one time. Councilman Davis, the scumbag politician who keeps trying to shut down Jump Street, puts in another appearance.



Torn from today’s headlines: It all ends in a courtroom as Hoffs brings a sexual harassment case against her former beau. Not sure when, exactly, that “sexual harassment” became a media buzzword, but this would appear to be at the forefront of it.

Jumpin’ or not? This one has a ton of small character moments, which are nice to see, but it doesn’t add up to a whole lot. The episode only works for diehard fans who are seriously invested in these cool cops. Casual viewers will wonder what the big deal is. Not jumpin’.

Next: Telling tales.


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