21 Jump Street rewatch: “Loc’d Out, Part 2”

Rewatching 21 Jump Street. Here we are at the season three finale, which is the middle part of a three-parter. Last time, our heroes were undercover among street gangs, and Hanson learned a corrupt cop was supplying guns to the gangs. There was a shootout, Hanson shot the cop, and now he’s a fugitive. Now it’s time for the cliffhanger in season three, episode twenty, “Loc’d Out, Part 2.”


What’s goin’ down: Everyone wants to know why Hanson doesn’t just turn himself in. Booker is assigned to investigate alongside the dead cop’s partner.

Here’s Hanson: Hanson maintains his cover among the gang, while still trying to find hard evidence of the dead cop’s drug-running.



Penhall’s prerogatives: Penhall tracks down and finds Hanson on his own, and they work together on a little undercover investigating.

Book ‘em: Booker suspects Hanson is guilty, reminding us that he started the show as an internal affairs cop. His desire to quit smoking gets another mention, and we learn Booker grew up in New York City.

Is that a police issue metal spiked bracelet?

Is that a police issue metal spiked bracelet?

Undercover blues: Turns out there was a third man, with a third gun, at the crime scene. Such information could set Hanson free, if only they can get to it before the bad guys do. Hanson dares to return to the crime scene, which gets him caught, which ultimately lands him behind bars.



Goin’ to the chapel: Random junk seen in the background of the Jump Street chapel includes an old gas station pump.

Trivia time: Actress Marcia Rodd returns as Hanson’s mother, not having been seen since the start of the second season. She doesn’t have any lines, but you can see her for a few seconds in the final courtroom scene, sitting by Captain Fuller.

Trial of the century.

Trial of the century.

Torn from today’s headlines: Once again, a “Morton Downey” is referenced, and once again, they mean controversial ‘80s talk show host Morton Downey Jr., not the elder Morton Downey, the singer.

"Pleeease, Mr. Jailer, let an honest man go freeee!"

“Pleeease, Mr. Jailer, let an honest man go freeee!”

Jumpin’ or not? This whole series is about the transformation of Tom Hanson’s character, from the goody-goody nice guy, to the rebellious bad boy. It’s in this episode that the transformation is complete, with him working outside the law and going to extreme lengths for justice. He admits to Penhall that his whole life is turned upside down. Seeing this arc come to a head excuses some of the episode’s flaws, such as the drearily long courtroom scene, and the fact that all the gangbangers are killed off camera.

Next: Season four begins! School’s out forever.


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  1. kalavaro says:

    booker doesnt say hes from new york city. he says hes from new york, meaning the state, not the city

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