21 Jump Street rewatch: “Out of Control”

Rewatching 21 Jump Street! Rewatching 21 Jump Street! This one’s so much of a roller coaster ride that they put an actual roller coaster in it. It’s season four, episode seven, “Out of Control.”


What’s goin’ down: Hanson is undercover with a group of thrillseeking teens, suspected of breaking into their own homes and stealing stuff. The thrillseeking includes all kinds of troublesome behavior, like pickpocketing teachers and reckless driving stunts.

Not Zoe Bell.

Not Zoe Bell.

Here’s Hanson: Hanson develops a friendship with Quincy, the rich girl ringleader of the hoodlums. He then learns her father recently died, reminding him that he was her age when his father died. He later admits he’s still thinking of quitting the police force and going his own way.

Penhall’s prerogatives: Penhall is undercover with the private security firm who monitors all the rich folks’ houses that are being robbed. He has to pretend to be a rookie as the jerk security guys boss him around.

The titled cap says, "Rookie."

The tilted cap says, “Rookie.”

Undercover blues: The finale has the mischievous teens playing “chicken” with a roller coaster after breaking into an amusement park at night. It’s dark-yet-colorful lighting makes it look like something from a Tim Burton movie.

Fun Land.

Fun Land.

Goin’ to the chapel: This week’s subplot has to do with Ioki preparing to reenter the field following his shooting back in the season finale/premiere. We then learn he’s become addicted to his prescription painkillers. Uh-oh!

"Johnny Depp? Please. I've co-starred with Chucky."

“Johnny Depp? Please. I’ve co-starred with Chucky.”

Trivia time: The naughty rich girl is played by Christine Elise, arguably best known as the final girl from Child’s Play 2, as well as recurring roles on 90210, ER, and China Beach. In 2010 she made her directorial debut with a film called Bathing and the Single Girl.



Jumpin’ or not? A fun action romp that then pulls the rug out from under viewers with a dark ending. It’s jumpin’!

Next week: I’m already uncomfortable.


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