Dracula the Series 1990 – Bad Blood

Did you know Dracula had his own TV show in 1990? This is the Halloween season, so let’s watch it!


Now that we’ve had half the season to get to know the characters, Dracula the Series episode 14, “Bad Blood” is where the creators really shake things up, complete with the show’s first cliffhanger.

Cemetery plot: Lucard (a.k.a. Dracula) is feeling under the weather. He receives a visit from Dr. Varney, a magical vampire doctor. Varney deduces that Lucard drank bad blood, from someone he shouldn’t have bitten. Uncle Gustav and young Max learn Lucard is sick, and decide this is their time to strike. Meanwhile, Sophie had fallen for a hunky-yet-sensitive guy, and Chris is crazed with jealousy. Lucard is healed at the last minute, but then there’s a twist: Sophie’s new beau is a vampire, and she’s been transformed into a vampire as well! To be continued!

Portal fiction.

Portal fiction.

King of the vampires: While sick, Lucard opines about wanting only the best blood, from the finest people, and how he’s been too long roaming the countryside just biting anyone. Later, it’s revealed that toxins from one of his factories are polluting the local water, and this is what made him sick. He actually doesn’t de-pollute the water at the end, though, content instead with having a small taste of morality.

Blood brothers: Chris breaks up Sophie and her new guy. He admits to Sophie that he likes her, as in really likes her. They agree not to be a typical boyfriend and girlfriend, but something more, something different. Why do relationships have to be so complicated?



The new Mina: Sophie’s new crush beguiles her by introducing her to the writings of Jean-Paul Sartre. (Sartre is a lot of things, but I wouldn’t call him romantic.)

Stake master: Lucard asks Gustav what he’d do if he didn’t have Lucard to pursue all the time. Gustav doesn’t answer, but hesitates when holding a stake over Lucard. (Varney’s the one who steps in and saves Lucard at the last minute.)

Slayer’s handbook: Little information is given about Dr. Varney. He appears to be some sort of interdimensional being, walking in and out of portals. His healing methods appear to be more psychological rather than general practitioner-y.

"Tell me about your vampire mother."

“Tell me about your vampire mother.”

Killer quotes: Lucard: “My children, turned against me. You will not take me! I am meant to persist!”

Trivia time: The music for Dracula the Series was provided by music supervisor David Greene and orchestrator Christopher Dedrick. Both have crafted music for a long list of TV shows and movies over the years. Greene’s credits include the Star Wars: Droids Saturday morning cartoon and the animated film Rock and Rule.  Dedrick’s notable credits include the oddball film The Saddest Music in the World and the ‘90s revival of Ray Bradbury Theater.

A girl walks home alone at night.

A girl walks home alone at night.

Bite me: Although this show is cheesy and campy, this episode is actually good, while still maintaining the cheesiness and campiness it’s known for. It’s fun and lighthearted, but life and death really is on the line, which makes all the difference.

Next: When good girls go bad.


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