Random Warner Bros. – Superman: The Movie

Watching all the movies on the Warner Bros. 50-movie box set that I bought for cheap. This week the random number generator came down from space and crash-landed in Smallville, just in time for Superman: The Movie.


Here’s what happens: Clark Kent is Superman, last survivor of an alien world with powers and abilities far greater than human. He fights crime, romances Lois Lane, and confronts the evil-yet-comedic Lex Luthor.


Why it’s famous: Christopher Reeve’s heartfelt performance as ol’ red boots, and the effects backing him up, bringing the classic character to life in a bigger way than ever before. You will believe a man can fly!


Get your film degree: According to legend, director Richard Donner wanted the film to be a big action/sci-fi blockbuster, while producers the Salkinds wanted the movie to be whimsical comedy for children. The result is a movie at odds with itself, a sprawling epic one minute, and goofy slapstick the next.


Movie geekishness: People talk about superhero movies as if they’re a relatively new phenomenon, but there’s been at least one theatrically-released movie based on a comic book superhero each year since 1978. Superman: The Movie is the one that really kicked it off.


Thoughts upon this viewing: This one is a childhood favorite, so I can’t not enjoy it. Still, I’d argue that the big hero moments are so good that they outweigh the groan-worthy hacky jokes.

Next week: There’s no place like Holmes.


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