Let’s do this ebook thaing: The doldrums

The whole  being between drafts thing bugs me. I should be excited – I’m about to put Cine  High on Amazon. It’s my big self-pub experiment. I’m also revising the super top secret project  (Currently on draft number 11) in the hopes of it landing an agent. The most  recent manuscript, Act Four Scene One, will soon begin its own second draft,  probably over the summer, and there’s certainly (hopefully?) a lot of happy  discoveries to be made in that process.

For today, though? I’m not writing. I’m planning  a little here, researching a little there, revising a little there, but not a  lot of “pure creativity” type of work.

Part of my doldrums, I suppose, comes from that  I’m not so much between projects, but between ideas. My head’s full of  characters and plots from stuff I’ve written, but not from what’s new. I  currently have no next story, the one I can’t wait to start working on. There’s  no creative “spark” right now. That’s something anyone can force, I know. I’ve  got to keep doing what I’m doing, trusting that the “spark” will hit again, and  I’ll get all excited about a story again.

Nonetheless, doldrums.

Moving forward: May will be Cine High month,  mark one. On this blog, you’ll get the first glimpse of the cover, your first  look at the story, trivia about the characters and their world, and, of course,  the release day!!!

If I’m really going to do this self-pub thing,  might as well go all out, right?

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Author of CINE HIGH. amazon.com/dp/B00859NDJ8
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