Ten cent movies: Brain Twisters

A while back, I spent a whopping $5 on this 50-movie set, Sci-fi Invasion. That adds up to 10 cents per movie. So, let’s watch these things and see whether each one was worth so steep a cost.

I’ll be viewing the films with following criteria in mind:

Here’s what happened: The plot, or lack thereof.

Quantum quotables: Memorable and/or cringe-worthy line of dialogue.

Speculative spectacle: Assessing the sci-fi/fantasy aspects of each film.

Sleaze factor: My inner 12-year-old takes over to examine how trashy each movie is.

What the felgercarb? Every movie is bound to have at least one “WTF” moment, right?

Microcosmic minutiae: Whatever trivia I’m able to dig up on the movie.

Worth 20 cents? Back to the original question, is the movie worth the dime I spent on it?

Our first case study is the 1991 psychological thriller Brain Twisters.

Here’s what happens: A college professor, Rothman, conducts experiments on students while developing mind-controlling software, which he says is harmless. Except that it isn’t harmless, it’s turning the students into murderous psychopaths.

Speculative spectacle: The movie is mostly a police procedural as a bland detective investigates the bland murders around the bland college campus. It’s not much of a mystery, though, as Rothman is obviously evil right from the start.

The mind control device is merely students strapped to a chair as an extremely low-rent version of 2001’s “It’s full of stars” sequence plays.

Sleaze factor: It’s a horror movie set in a college, so of course there has to be a subplot about a teacher gettin’ it on with one of his comely female students.

Also, if you had any doubts at all about Rothman’s evilness, the fact that he keeps one of the murder victim’s heads in a jar in his lab should clue you in. He says it’s for science, but come on.

Quantum quotables: “I suggest you quit school and pursue your lascivious talents where they can be appreciated.” –Rothman, who knows just what to say to seduce one of his hot young students.

“You like… raspberry twirl?” –Rothman does his best to sound sinister while holding an ice cream cone in each hand.

What the felgercarb? Once possessed, one girl goes around murdering men by jabbing them in the neck with her long fingernails. Feminism!

Microcosmic minutiae: Talk about a cast of unknowns. I like to think I’m pretty “with it” when it comes to movie trivia, but I didn’t recognize a single name in the credits.

Worth 10 cents? BO-ring! All the actors are so wooden, and the pace is so slow, that I just can’t recommend it. Spend the 10 cents on… what the hell else does 10 cents buy these days?

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