The Three Rs for the week of Jan. 21


This is supposed to be a writer’s blog, which means I have to blog about writer-y stuff. So here’s my version of the three Rs: (W)riting, Reading, and a little bit of Randomness.


One of my favorite writing blogs is Alan Rinzler’s. He’s something of a rockstar in the publishing world, these days working for himself as a developmental editor. His blog covers all things writing and publishing. Since he knows pretty much everyone in the book world, he gets a lot of great and interesting guests to join in the discussion.

Here’s the link:


Cory Doctorow’s PIRATE CINEMA is what I’ve been enjoying this week. It’s about a bunch of homeless kids in near-future London who are, in their own way, taking on the government’s increasingly strict internet piracy laws. Doctorow has tendency to speechify on the subject, so the momentum occasionally grinds to halt for a discourse on the vagaries of copyright law, but the characters are so likable and engaging that you don’t mind so much.

OMG, a link:


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