Ten cent movies: Hundra

A while back, I bought this 50-movie set, Sci-Fi Invasion, for five bucks. That adds up to ten cents per movie. A lot of movies have morals. The moral of 1983’s Hundra is, women are good, men are BAD.


Here’s what happens: Back in the ol’ sword and sandal days, a group of all-female tribeswomen are attacked by evil, no good men. The only survivor is barbarian swordsperson Hundra, who heads out in search of revenge.


Speculative spectacle: Hundra’s adventures lead her to more awful, no-good men, in the form of a temple full of Roman decadence-style sexist jerkwads. After some comedic business of her learning to act like a lady, Hundra eventually picks up her sword and cleans house.

Sleaze factor: Despite the girl-power fantasy barbarian exterior, this is really a movie about boning. Hundra’s quest is not so much revenge but about finding the right guy to “replenish the tribe.” Is that what they’re calling it nowadays?


Quantum quotables: “We have use of men, through their use of us.” – the village elder, a female Obi Wan Kenobi-type, confusing the hell out of every adolescent who sees this movie.

What the felgercarb? Nude horseback riding? Is that really a thing?

Microcosmic minutiae: Check it out, the score was crafted by legendary composer Ennio Morricone. Too bad it’s so repetitive.

Epic crossover: Judge David Johnson reviewed this movie for DVD Verdict. Read it now.


Worth ten cents? The action scenes are pretty sweet, in that campy ‘80s low-budget fantasy way, but does the “men are BAD” message have to be laid on this thick?

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