The three Rs for March 11


This is an author’s blog, so the rules state I absolutely must post about writer-y stuff. Here are your links for (w)riting, reading, and a little bit of randomness.


Author and former agent Nathan Bransford runs a popular blog about writing and publishing. He doesn’t post as often since he left agenting for a day job in social media, but since he just announced his next book will be a non-fiction book on novel writing, now’s a good time to revisit his blog. Dig through his archives and you’ll find some great thoughts and discussion on writing and publishing.

Space monkey/corndog link:


Aurorarama by Jean-Christophe Valtat is a challenging book, sometimes overgrown with flowery language, but stick with it and you might find it rewarding, as I did. It’s kind of like steampunk in how it imagines an alternate past that’s technologically advanced, with a gleaming city built in arctic, which turns to crime and ruin over time. There’s a lot of characters and concepts, and it deals with big, big ideas.

Northwest passage link:


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