The three Rs for March 18


This is an author’s blog, so the rules state I absolutely must post about writer-y stuff. Here are your links for (w)riting, reading, and a little bit of randomness.


Fantasy-writing man-god Patrick Rothfuss has started a series of quite awesome videos, called the “Story Board,” talking with other authors about various writer-y topics. They have the occasional internet issues, but the quality of the discussion shouldn’t be missed. Yes, it leans mostly toward fantasy, but there’s enough material here that I’m confident anyone in the writing game can get something out of it.

King-killing link:


Since I’m talking about Rothfuss, I might as well recommend his books. The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear are the first two parts of the Kingkiller Chronicles, about a young musician with a tragic background, who, through various misadventures, becomes a legend in his own time. Rothfuss sets all the epic fantasy tropes on their ears, twisting and turning them around in surprising new ways. These are novels that will inspire debate and discussion for years to come.

Lute-playing link:


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