ACT FOUR SCENE ONE goes deeper, darker at the Roundtable

rtableToday’s the big day: I’m on the Roundtable Podcast to talk about ACT FOUR SCENE ONE. huge thanks to Dave, Brion and Leanna for their great advice. Listen to the show here:

This was the second of three times the book was workshopped this month (the other two were at Grub St. in Boston). The ongoing theme I took away from all three workshops is “go deeper.” Deeper into the characters’ heads, deeper in the play, and deeper into the scary/suspense stuff. I’ve since gone research crazy, and have uncovered a lot of juicy tidbits about the Scottish Play that I can use. I especially like the idea of Pickle being the Porter, as I’ve gone back to the Porter’s big speech, and found it a revelation. There’s a lot in what the Porter says that ties into what I’ve been writing, without me even realizing it.

The middle grade/YA confusion continues on. But just as workshops have suggested that I not be afraid to go darker as well as deeper, and as the word count is currently increasing (I’ve found that, for me at least, revision is about adding material as much as it is cutting it), so darker subject matter and a longer word count might push it farther on the YA half of the scale.

And I said “THE Netflix” instead of just “Netflix.” I hate when I do that.


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