The three Rs for March 25

threeRsThis is an author blog, and the rules state that I absolutely must blog about writer-y stuff. Here are your links for (w)riting, reading, and a little bit of randomness. This is a very special three Rs, in anticipation for my appearance on the Roundtable Podcast this week to discuss ACT FOUR SCENE ONE. Guess who’s up first?


The Roundtable Podcast is a must-listen for writers. Co-hosts Dave Robison and Brion Humphrey interview authors, and then workshop guest writers’ stories with those authors. The interviews are full of great insight, and the workshops are great fun, with more super advice. Each author also benefits from Robison’s epic introductions ™. Plus, the guest writers’ story pitches have been all intriguing on their own, improved by the workshops. Here’s the plug: I’ll be on the show this week, getting ACT FOUR SCENE ONE workshopped. Give it a listen.

Creageous link:


DARKER STILL: A NOVEL OF MAGIC MOST FOUL by Leanna Renee Hieber. A dark fantasy set in Victorian England, Hieber takes the stock idea of a haunted painting and really makes it her own. What really makes the book a standout is its style. It’s written in the form of a diary by the protagonist, a mute girl. This automatically gives a strong voice to a character who cannot speak, so the reader roots for her instantly from the start.

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