Ten cent movies: Future Women

A while back, I bought this 50-movie set, Sci-Fi Invasion, for five bucks. That adds up to ten cents per movie. Today’s entry comes to us from South America, 1969’s Future Women.


Here’s what happens: A dashing secret agent shows up in Rio, in pursuit of a deadly gangster. He’s abducted by women from the all-female city of Femina (which is… the future?). The women want to conquer the world and take it back from the men. When the gangster gets involved, suddenly our hero and the women warriors have a common enemy.


Speculative spectacle: The ladies of Femina have access to piles of gold, endless weapons, and strange high-tech devices, including a very suggestive torture device.

Sleaze factor: There are a lot of women in this movie, and you can bet that every one of them is scantily clad.


Quantum quotables: “What kind of space-age sorceress are you?” (Our second-rate James Bond knows how to woo the ladies)

What the felgercarb? OK, so this city of women, Femina, is supposed to be a big secret, right? Somehow sheltered away from the rest of the world? Then why does it appear to be right next to Rio (or, perhaps, in the center of Rio) throughout the movie?

Microcosmic minutiae: Former Bond girl Shirley Eaton has a meaty part as the leader of the futuristic women.


Worth ten cents? It’s not sexy fun, and it’s not campy spy movie fun. It’s just dreadfully boring. Next!


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