21 Jump Street rewatch: “Stand By Your Man”

Rewatching 21 Jump Street! Here’s season four, episode eight, “Stand By Your Man.” I was tempted to skip this one, because there’s really nothing fun about it. I might as well go ahead and say it — this is the date rape episode, and Hoffs is the victim.

jump1 What’s goin’ down: Hoffs is undercover at med school, investigating an illegal pharmaceutical ring. She starts up a romance of sorts with fellow student (and suspect) Kevin, which takes an unfortunate turn.

Here’s Hanson: Hanson is undercover as an orderly, with dialogue about him having to change people’s bedpans. Not a surprise that Depp wanted out of the show by this point.

"I can't wait to bring back this look when I star in SECRET WINDOW."

“I can’t wait to bring back this look when I star in SECRET WINDOW.”

Penhall’s prerogatives: Penhall is able to bring in Hoffs’ attacker on charges of multiple parking tickets, to get him to talk.

Undercover blues: The drug plot is wrapped up pretty quickly (they were using the morgue to sneak drugs in and out of the school), so we can get to the real drama — Hoffs having to open up about what happened, and then confronting her attacker.

This scene, where Hoffs cries in the shower, is one of the show's most iconic moments.


Goin’ to the chapel: Hoffs is promoted to detective at the start of the episode, but then gets temporarily bounced back to a desk job after what happened.

Torn from today’s headlines: The phrase “date rape” had entered the public consciousness around this time — the horrible reality that a rapist might not just be some skeezy guy in a back alley, but might be someone you know and even trust.



Jumpin’ or not? This episode is hugely uncomfortable to watch, but that’s probably by design. A lot of it is overwrought, but there are some genuinely sweet moments as Jump Street cops rally around Hoffs, showing how firmly they are established as a family. It’s jumpin’, I guess.

Next week: Point of who?  


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