21 Jump Street rewatch: “Every Day is Christmas”

Rewatching 21 Jump Street! Almost at the end. Here’s some wheel-spinning in season four, episode twenty-five, “Every Day is Christmas.” jump1 What’s goin’ down: Penhall leaves his post during a stakeout after his adopted son is hurt. The kid is OK, but Penhall gets disciplined. He’s thrown off of Jump Street, and put back in uniform in the 43rd, a precinct full of losers and reject cops.

Fifth degree.

Fifth degree.

Here’s Hanson: No Depp, to the point where they go ahead and say that Ioki is now Penhall’s partner.

Penhall’s prerogatives: Penhall keeps his mouth shut in the face of police corruption, not wanting to get into more trouble. Then he runs into Ioki while Ioki is undercover, and loyalties are once again tested.

Walkin' my beat, just walkin' my beat.

Walkin’ my beat, just walkin’ my beat.

Undercover blues: The 43rd is full of corrupt cops, so the only “mystery” to be solved is whether a rookie joining the ranks is secretly working with internal affairs. The shocking twist: Penhall’s the one with internal affairs.

Big hair vs. big hat.

Big hair vs. big hat.

Torn from today’s headlines: The bad cops use “T.J. Hooker” as an insult, referencing the ‘80s cop show starring William Shatner.

Trivia time: This episode introduces rookie cop Dean Garrett, who was supposed to be the new main character in season five, but he only went on to star in that season’s first two episodes, and then he disappeared with no explanation.

"I'm getting my own spinoff just like Booker, right?"

“I’m getting my own spinoff just like Booker, right?”

Jumpin’ or not? Not only is the “cops on the beat” storyline totally generic, but the show already tread this ground back in the second-season episode, “Besieged.” You’re not missing anything if you miss this one. Not jumpin’.

Next week: Lights out.


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