Dracula the Series 1990 – Black Sheep

Did you know Dracula had his own TV show in 1990? This is the Halloween season, so let’s watch it!


In the previous episode of Dracula the Series, we met Klaus, Dracula’s right-hand-man. In episode seven, “Black Sheep,” we learn why Klaus is a big deal.

Cemetery plot: A man named Yeager comes to Gustav for help, saying his wife Emilia was turned into a vampire by Klaus. He wants Klaus dead. Klaus has been running around at night killing folks, threatening to reveal Lucard’s (a.k.a. Dracula’s) secrets. Gustav won’t help him, saying it’s too dangerous, but later meets Klaus in secret, revealing that Gustav and Klaus are working together!  Later, Gustav traps Klaus inside Klaus’ tomb, and it’s here that we learn Klaus is really Gustav’s long-lost son. (Shocking reveal!) Gustav seals Klaus inside the tomb in the hopes that he can someday save his son.

I wear my sunglasses at night.

I wear my sunglasses at night.

King of the vampires: Lucard is all about shutting down an anti-pollution bill that might harm his business interests. Also because he’s evil.

Blood brothers: The episode’s B-story is Chris and Max fixing up an old radio in the hopes of listening to American baseball. The radio is then used to listen in on some of Lucard’s private conversations.

Ham radio.

Ham radio.

The new Mina: Sophie says she would rather listen to the New York Metropolitan Opera than the baseball game. She and Chris leave to go play tennis at the end of one scene, so I guess their romance is still going strong.

Stake master: We’re not told how, exactly, Klaus became a vampire, except that Lucard did it just to spite Gustav. Gustav keeps this a secret from Chris, Max, and Sophie.

Role reversal.

Role reversal.

Slayer’s handbook: The episode takes place on St. George’s Eve on a full moon, which is the one time that a vampire must return to his or her original grave to sleep. This is what enables Gustav to catch Klaus. Lucard departs to his original tomb, but we don’t learn where that is.

Killer quotes: Klaus: “You’re always telling me about the good old days, when you used to terrorize the countryside.” Lucard: “Klaus, I know what it is to be young and enthusiastic, but we must have discipline.”

Does that map of the eastern hemisphere in background look off-model to anyone else?

Does that map of the eastern hemisphere in background look off-model to anyone else?

Behind the screams: Younger brother Max was played by Jacob Tierney, who went on to be a regular on Are You Afraid of the Dark? He stuck with acting into adulthood with a number of film and TV roles. He’s also broken out into making his own films, having written and directed The Trotsky in 2009, among others.

"Look how shiny my cape is."

“Look how shiny my cape is.”

Bite me: The show (mostly) drops the comedy shtick in favor of an attempt at horror and even drama in this episode. It doesn’t quite succeed, because this is Dracula the Series after all, but the fact that they tried to make the series more than just a hokey kids’ show should be applauded.

Next: Salieri does not approve.


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