Dracula the Series 1990 – Klaus Encounters of the Interred Kind

Did you know Dracula had his own TV show in 1990? This is the Halloween season, so let’s watch it!


Dracula the Series wraps up (mostly) in the second-to-last episode, “Klaus Encounters of the Interred Kind.”

Cemetery plot: Chris and Max’s mom returns, announcing that she’s got a new job that will let them leave and go back home to Philadelphia. Gustav, meanwhile, believes he’s figured out why vampires never age or leave reflections — they are displaced from time, living partially in this dimension and partially in another. Hoping to learn more about this other dimension, Gustav breaks into Lucard’s (a.k.a. Dracula’s) castle and discovers that Lucard’s fireplace is secretly the portal the other dimension. Klaus, Gustav’s son-turned-vampire, returns hoping to use the portal to destroy both Gustav and Lucard. Klaus enters the portal and returns as a human, finally cured of his vampirism. Lucard won’t have that, so he grabs Klaus and takes him into the portal. Gustav enters the portal after them, and… the end?

There are portals now?

There are portals now?

King of the vampires: Lucard calls the portal his “refuge” and he enters it once in a while to be refreshed.

Blood brothers: Chris and Max are both heartbroken to learn they’re leaving Romania to go back to Philly, as they’ve come to love living with Gustav. Max loves the vampire hunting action, while for Chris, it’s all about his kinda/sorta romance with Sophie.

Mother knows best.

Mother knows best.

Stake master: Before leaving, Gustav makes “arrangements” for Sophie to live in Philadelphia with Max and Chris. A whole season of this show, and there’s still zero backstory for Sophie.

Slayer’s handbook: This episode is filled with references to previous episodes. The Cross of the Magus once again proves itself to be a super-weapon against vamps. The countess from episode 8 gets a mention, as the writers remember she gave Sophie a piece of clothing, which in this episode is shown to have supernatural qualities. The big deal, though, is this portal to the land of the dead, which I’m sure the writers had big plans for the never-made season 2.

Quick, someone paint this scene on the side of a van.

Quick, someone paint this scene on the side of a van.

Killer quotes: Klaus: “Killed? When will you accept it, old man? I am already dead. Your son is dead. Get it?” Gustav: “But this is an opportunity. A breakthrough to understand what you are and how to bring you back.” Klaus: “I don’t want to be brought back. I am a vampire, and I will be the greatest of them all.”

Behind the screams: There is much confusion over whether this episode or the next is the finale. This is the order that the DVDs put them in, but IMDb reports the opposite. Remember that was a syndicated show, and shows in syndication often jumbled episode orders as the shows themselves bounced around late night and early morning weekend time slots in various local markets. Most fans agree that the story ends here, and the next episode is a “one-off.”

Human again.

Human again.

Bite me: I suppose this is as good of an ending and/or cliffhanger that we could ask for from this show. It’s more fitting that the Dracula/Helsing conflict go on in eternity rather than have a final confrontation.

Next: An empty meal.


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