Willow (1988) rewatch – Part 24

Rewatching the 1988 movie Willow scene-by-scene. Why? Because it’s freaking Willow! Fin Raziel joins the party, but not in the way our hero expects, 1:01:08-1:02:44 on the Blu-ray.

First things first. Some might be wondering why Bavmorda did not station any guards around the Fin Raziel’s lake, so ensure that no one came to rescue Raziel as Willow is now doing. This is explained in a scene that appears in the novelization and graphic novel, but not in the movie. As Willow prepares his rowboat, a young boy with golden yellow skin emerges from the water and says, “The island is cursed. Don’t go out there.” This character is known among fans as the Fish Boy. Instead of asking “Who are you?” Willow instead asks “Cursed?” In the Willow graphic novel, the Fish Boy responds, “Beware. Queen Bavmorda’s powers control the elements here.” In the Willow novelization, he’s a little chattier, saying “All this lake is cursed. Queen Bavmorda’s powers controls the elements here. Venture on it at your peril!” The Fish Boy then dives down back under the water. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Scooby-Doo, then you can guess the Fish Boy is really up to no good. He’s the defense that keep outsiders from rescuing Fin Raziel.

We begin with Willow in the rowboat, heading for the island. He appears to be struggling with the oars, but let’s assume that’s the grey windy weather fighting him. We know Willow’s farm back home abuts a river, so he’s no doubt been boating before. Then the movie smash-cuts to two shots of human skulls, immediately establishing the island as a dangerous place. I think we can also speculate that this is the remains of someone who messed with Fish Boy. Either that, or Raziel is eating people, and something I’d rather not speculate on.

Willow gets off the boat and ties it off to a nearby tree. Then there’s a shot of him exploring, calling out, “Raziel! Fin Raziel! I have to talk to you, please.” This is followed by a wide shot of the entire island, making it look small and isolated compared to the big snow-capped mountains in the background. Willow walks around some more before declaring, “She’s not here.” Then a squeaky voice says, “Get back! Who are you?” (The Blu-ray’s subtitles insist on capitalizing Squeaky Voice. Could this be a spell Raziel is using to talk?)

Willow looks up and sees a talking possum on a tree branch. The possum asks again, “Who are you?” Nonplussed by this revelation, Willow matter-of-factly introduces himself and says he’s come to find “The great sorceress Fin Raziel.” The possum says, “That’s me. I’m Fin Raziel.” Willow says that can’t be right, and Raziel says “One of Bavmorda’s spells transformed me.” Raziel then shows a little humor by adding, “Believe me, it could have been worse.”

Willow, again taking all this in stride, tries to hand Raziel the wand, saying it is from Cherlindrea. Raziel says, “Then the prophecy is true. The princes has been born. Take me to her.” Okay, so just who is Fin Raziel? She was once the greatest sorceress in all of Tir Asleen, but there’s nothing about her in the lore about who she was before she gained that title. Raziel was in love with Tir Asleen’s Prince Mikal, until Bavmorda used evil magic to seduce Mikal and make him her own. It would appear at this point that Bavmorda exiled Raziel to the island, before Bavmorda raised her army and started the current war. She has a lot of catching up to do.

Then there’s another George Lucas wipe back to the fishing village, skipping over some pretty important stuff we’ll get to… next time.

Next: Goldfish.


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