DuckTales rewatch – Send in the Clones

Rewatching DuckTales! With the five-part pilot over, now we’re into the series proper with episode 6, “Send in the Clones,” still introducing important aspects of the series.

Here’s what happens: We meet the witch Magica Dispell in her island volcano fortress (!) as she plots to steal Scrooge’s lucky dime, which she believes is the mystical source of his wealth and power. She busts the Beagle Boys out of jail to help her – she gets the dime, they get Scrooge’s money bin. A Scrooge’s mansion, Scrooge insists the nephews be on their best behavior as a reporter is stopping by for an interview. That’s when Magica reveals her plan, to make the three Beagle Boys look just like the three nephews.

Then we’re in screwball comedy land, as the Beagle Boys and the nephews run around the mansion getting mistaken for each other, all while Scrooge desperately tries to look good in front of the reporter. Magica then complicates things further by making herself look like Mrs. Beakeley. After a lot of silliness, Magica takes off with the dime, along with Huey and Mrs. Beakeley as hostages.

Back at the volcano lair, Huey and Mrs. Beakeley use Magica’s potions to fight back, resulting everyone transforming into animals and various creatures. Scrooge offers to trade his dime in exchange for the hostages, adding that the real dime was not in display in the mansion, but always on his person. Scrooge switches his dime for an ordinary one at the last minute and everyone escapes. Magica realizes Scrooge tricked her, and she swears revenge.


Humbug: The number one dime is described as “the first dime Scrooge ever made. It contains the psychic vibrations of every deal, every decision, every dollar Scrooge has ever made.”

Junior Woodchucks: Although the villains tie up Huey with rope, he escapes thanks his “knot-busters” merit badge.

Maid and maiden: Mrs. Beakeley is less adept at dealing with magic and sorcery than she was with treasure hunting and wilderness survival. Webby is upset that the Beagle Boys removed the head of her doll, even though episode 4 showed it has a removable head to store things inside. I guess she’s really upset about the Beagle Boys’ roughhousing.

Foul fowls: Magica isn’t given any origin or background story. She’s just a supernatural witch and we’re off and running. Her talking raven is of course named Poe. It’s established that he’s her brother, and she transformed him into a raven at some point. She is either unable to turn him back to normal, or she’s not bothering. The Disney Wiki alleges that this is the only episode that mentions Magica and Poe as being siblings.

Down in Duckberg: We see a lot of the mansion in this episode. There’s a dining room that seats ten. An outdoor pool different from the indoor pool seen in episode 2. Scrooge’s bedroom has a safe in the floor (!) and of course there’s a painting of the money bin on his wall. Scrooge’s study is right below the bedroom, and it has a painting of a duck with a Viking helmet. There’s another scene in Scrooge’s library, revealing this is where he keeps his number one dime on display.  And most strangely, the kitchen’s refrigerator is filled with meat and GIGANTIC fish heads!

Reference row: The reporter Webra Waters, is a not-subtle parody of TV journalist Barbara Walters.

The episode title is a reference to Stephen Sondheim’s 1973 song “Send in the Clowns,” a favorite of a lot of cheesy ‘70s variety shows.

Thoughts upon this viewing: This should be a nothing episode as it emphasizes the corny jokes over the action/adventure stuff, but it’s really well made. The animation shines throughout, and the final fight has a lot of fun beats.

Next: Mum’s the word.


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