DuckTales rewatch – Superdoo

Rewatching DuckTales! In episode 20, “Superdoo,” side character Doofus gets a starring role this time. Because that’s what the fans want, right?

Here’s what happens: Launchpad is leading the Junior Woodchucks on a camping trip, but poor Doofus is so klutzy he’s ruining everyone else’s fun. Smash cut to outer space, where two alien crooks are on the run from the “star police” after stealing an energy crystal. The hide the crystal on Earth for safekeeping, and Doofus finds it the next morning.

The aliens return to Earth, saying that whoever holds the crystal is given great power. They’re concerned about what will happen when the crystal activates. At camp, Launchpad gives Doofus a speech about positive thinking. That night the crystal manifests strange powers while Doofus sleeps, sending him hovering through the air. He discovers the crystal gives him flight, super strength, and super speed.

Keeping his new powers a secret, Doofus starts earning tons of merit badges. The aliens attack, accidentally starting a forest fire. Doofus dons a makeshift superhero costume and calls himself “Superdoo,” saving the day. Next the aliens try blowing up a nearby dam, and Superdoo saves the day again. Huey, Dewey, and Louie figure out Superdoo’s secret identity, and everyone knows that Doofus didn’t properly earn them. He throws away the crystal, which ends up with a squirrel, who chases the aliens back into space. Wolves then attack the camp, and Doofus saves the day again, this time using his wits.

Junior Woodchucks: Huey, Dewey, and Louie are downright bullies to Doofus at the start of episode, hurling insults at him. By the end, however, they come around to appreciating Doofus.

Fasten your seatbelts: Launchpad is not only a former Junior Woodchuck, but we learn he’s the former world record holder for earning the most merit badges. (The episode doesn’t specify whether that’s just for this troop, or for the entire world.)

Do the doo: While the premise is supposed to be Doofus becoming a superhero, it’s really about him learning not to be an a-hole braggart once he goes from being a loser to a winner.

Foul fowls: The aliens aren’t given proper names. They’re just “green alien” and “purple alien.” I really want to learn about this Star Police that’s chasing the aliens, but there’s no entry in the Disney Wiki.  

Down in Duckburg: The other two Junior Woodchucks are named Bill and Webster. Their voices are really annoying.

Reference row: The aliens speak in a kind of formal/kind of backwards speech pattern, which bears a strong familiarity to a certain Jedi master.

Thoughts upon this viewing: A superhero adventure combined with a summer camp comedy sounds right up my alley. But this is really a morality tale, where Doofus has to learn valuable lessons about working hard and having respect for himself and others. Kind of a missed opportunity.

Next: Duck’s Creed: Valhalla.


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