NEW EBOOK – Mom, I’m Bulletproof


Mom, I’m Bulletproof, a novel by Mac McEntire Artwork Copyright ©2021 by Michael W. McVey. All rights reserved. Mom I’m Bulletproof eBook: McEntire, Mac: Kindle Store

A comedic/dramatic/romantic superhero epic.

Amy McBloom struggles to pay her bills, bickers on the phone with her mom, and hopes to meet a guy. She can also defy gravity with a thought, and she is strong enough to bench press a garbage truck.

As U.S. Amy, she keeps the people of Boston safe. But when Amy discovers a deadly worldwide conspiracy, she’ll need help. Fighting crime is one thing, but getting a bunch of her fellow superheroes to work together? That’s the real challenge.

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About Mac McEntire

Author of CINE HIGH.
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