DuckTales rewatch – Raiders of the Lost Harp

  • Rewatching DuckTales! It’s time for another trip back to Greek mythology. I guess this is just going to be a recurring thing for this series. Here’s episode 45, “Raiders of the Lost Harp.”

Here’s what happens: Scrooge is leading an archeological dig in Greece, discovering the lost city of Troy. It’s filled with amazing treasures and relics. A minotaur statue guards the most valuable of all the treasures, a magical singing harp that once belonged to Helen of Troy. Scrooge and his nephews take the harp back to Duckburg. The minotaur comes to life and follows them. Elsewhere, the witch Magica De Spell learns Scrooge has the harp and she wants its power for herself.

Back home, Scrooge discovers the harp has the power to tell whenever someone is lying. Magica disguises herself as Helen of Troy with a plan to fool Scrooge. With the harp’s help, Scrooge sees through Magica’s ruse. She then transforms into a wrestler (!) to fight Scrooge. She steals the harp, leading Scrooge on a chase through downtown Duckburg. Scrooge gets the harp back, but not before crashing into Duckburg bay.

In the ocean, a submarine is no match for the unstoppable minotaur. The order is given to evacuate Duckburg before its arrival. The minotaur emerges from the ocean and fights the Army, Godzilla-style. Magica uses the minotaur attack as a distraction to steal the harp. She and Scrooge fight again. Scrooge gets back the harp and returns it to the minotaur. Scrooge says maybe it’s best that no one has the harp, but the nephews joking accuse him of fibbing.

Humbug: All the treasures Scrooge brought back from Troy are on display in a museum, which would seem to be Scrooge following the heroic “It belongs to a museum” rule. But then we learn that Scrooge owns the museum.

Junior Woodchucks: The nephews pay a visit to the Duckburg Arcade, where there’s a poster of a human woman! Humans DO exist in this world!

Foul fowls: Magica’s shape-changing powers are consistent with the types of spells she cast in previous episodes. She has a green-skinned chauffer quite obviously based on Frankenstein’s monster. I looked all over the Disniey wiki, but couldn’t find any info about who this character is.

Down in Duckburg: We have a return visit to Scrooge’s candy factory, where he uses chewing gum as glue to slow down the minotaur. It’s some impressive continuity, as it looks just like it did in the first two episodes.

Duckburg has two police chiefs! The chief in this episode is the character we last saw as the warden of Aquatraz in “Duckman of Aquatraz,” but we had another police chief named O’Hara in an earlier episode, “Robot Robbers.” The O’Hara chief and the warden chief will both serve as police chief in alternating episodes throughout the series.

Reference row: The series previously did The Odyssey in “Home Sweet Homer,” so this time they do The Iliad, with mentions of Helen of Troy, Achilles, and the Trojan Horse. And do I realy have to tell you that this episode title is a reference to Raiders of the Lost Ark?

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Thoughts upon this viewing: This is a really fun one, with some of the best-looking animation the show has to offer. Lots of action, and even some of the jokes land. Episodes like this one are what DuckTales are all about.

Next: Get your duck to Mars.

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