Gamera rewatch – Gamera the Brave (2006)

Rewatching the Gamera movies! The series concludes (for now?) with 2006’s Gamera the Brave. It’s a hard reboot that offers a new Gamera to go with its new continuity. Toto, too? Toto, too!

Here’s what happens: We begin in 1973, when a little kid, Kousuke, witnesses an epic Gamera vs. Gyaos battle. Gamera sacrifices himself to save the Earth. In 2006, Kousuke is a single father, living in a seaside town with his son Toru. After a lot of hanging around, Toru finds an egg on the beach, which hatches into a tiny baby Gamera he names Toto. They’re fast friends, but Toto grows to gigantic size and eventually leaves. When evil monster Zedus emerges from the ocean, Toto must follow in Gamera’s footsteps and fight for humanity.

Nice gams: While Gamera in the previous film was redesigned to look all spikey and badass, Toto’s redesign as him as cuter, with rounded features and big expressive eyes.

Turtle power: A lot of importance is put on a magical red stone, which Toto needs to become stronger and defeat Zedus. Poor Toto doesn’t do much during the final fight except get thrown around. That is, until he gets the red stone. It’s only then that Toto truly fights like Gamera, with Gamera’s classic moves.

Big baddie: Maybe I missed it, but I don’t think Zedus got any kind of origin story. The movie takes a harsh turn the first time it appears, showing it destroying it and eating people. Zedus also has this extendable tongue that shoots straight out of its mouth, like a big spear. Gross, but effective.

Kid stuff: The template is quite obviously Spielberg’s E.T., with a kid having an adorable alien (alien turtle, in this case) hiding out in his house. Scientists get ahold of Toto at one point (again, because E.T.) and the Toru and his friends go on a road trip to save him, for more kid adventure antics.

Hapless humans: Kousuke is a loving and supportive dad, except that he doesn’t do as much during the movie’s latter half. A professor and a bunch of government suits make up the rest of the cast.

Thoughts on this viewing: Gamera the Brave has some fun bits here and there, but it is SO slowly paced. Most folks will be bored with it, and the intended 10-and-under audience will likely get really bored.

Is this truly the end for Gamera? I doubt it. The character is well known that another movie is certain. I personally would like to see a Gamera origin movie, showing the full story of his creation in ancient Atlantis.

What should I watch next for this blog? Any suggestions?

* * * *

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