The three Rs for Feb. 18


This is supposed to be a writer’s blog, which means I have to blog about writer-y stuff. So here’s my version of the three Rs: (W)riting, Reading, and a little bit of Randomness.


Pretty much everyone knows about this one already, but here it is anyway: The Writing Excuses podcast. Brandon Sanderson and other authors discuss the writing biz in bite-size 15-minute episodes. Even though he’s Mr. Number One Bestseller these days, I don’t like Sanderson all that much, but I must cave in admit he offers some good advice on occasion, such as when he says to a struggling unpublished author, “A book deal doesn’t make you a better writer. Only you can do that.” (paraphrased)

Steam-powered link:


Catherynne Valente’s Palimpsest is like no other book you’ve ever read. The story is tough to describe. Four strangers from different parts of the globe find their way to a mysterious magical city, and then go to great lengths (heh) to find their way back. It’s bewilderingly strange and at times incredibly sad, but Valente’s voice and the weird-yet-beautiful imagery will keep you reading late into the night.

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