The three Rs for Feb. 25


This is supposed to be a writer’s blog, which means I have to blog about writer-y stuff. So here’s my version of the three Rs: (W)riting, Reading, and a little bit of Randomness.


A lot of folks swear by Chuck Wendig’s blog as a font of writerly goodness. I haven’t yet (yet!) read his books, so I can’t really comment on his work, but the post at the link below is truly great, and is a must-read by anyone in the writing life.

The link below:


I finally got around to checking out John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War. It’s really great. Scalzi is pretty much the only major author who’s doing the ‘space opera” thing these days, keeping it alive among all the fantasies and steampunks. What makes Old Man’s War work as well as it does is the humor. He delivers loads upon loads of exposition, but his protagonist is so witty that it carries us through the constant info-dumping.

Rejuvenated link:



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