The Three Rs for March 4


This is an author’s blog, so the rules state I absolutely must post about writer-y stuff. Here are your links for (w)riting, reading, and a little bit of randomness.


Jennifer Laughran is a literary agent. Her blog tends to be more about hawking her writers’ works more than advice — which is fine, of course — but this post, which she says answers most writing-related questions, is another must-read for anyone in the writing game.

Always room for this link:


I’ll recommend a graphic novel this week: Sweet Tooth, written and drawn by Jeff Lemire, is great, with the caveat that it’s not for everyone. It’s a post-apocalypse tale, but it has this twist regarding human-animal hybrid children that makes it different. This Lemire guy is operating on a whole different level from the rest of us.

Mouth-watering link:


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