The Three Rs for April 8


This is an author blog, and the rules state that I absolutely must blog about writer-y stuff. Here are your links for (w)riting, reading, and a little bit of randomness.


Query Shark is a blog from literary agent Janet Reid. It’s a simple enough premise: Writers send her sample query letters, which she critiques. Reid is endlessly witty as she picks apart the queries, but be warned, she does not pull any punches. As brutal as the critiques often get, Query Shark is nonetheless a valuable reference for any author, and a fun read besides.

Chum bucket link:


The Books of Umber by P.W. Catanese, a great fantasy trilogy beginning with Happenstance Found. A young man with no memory is rescued and then mentored by eccentric adventurer Lord Umber and his motley crew. They explore the world, get into and out of scrapes, and eventually come face to face with a sinister force from Umber’s past. This series is technically middle grade, for ages 9-12, but it shows just how sophisticated and contemporary middle grade can be, with lush writing, sly humor, and strong, well-developed characters.

Meddling link:



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