21 Jump Street rewatch: “Cory and Dean Got Married”

Rewatching 21 Jump Street! It’s young lovers on the run in season two, episode twenty-one, “Cory and Dean Got Married.” Before everyone gets all excited, know that Cory is a girl’s name in this one.


What’s goin’ down: Teenagers Cory and Dean do indeed get married, but only after Dean shot his future father-in-law in a dispute. The cops catch Cory, but Dean is still a fugitive. Penhall and Hoffs are assigned to the “road trip” thing, escorting Cory on a cross-country trip back to her home town.



Here’s Hanson: He’s only in one scene and doesn’t have any dialogue. Guess Depp’s off filming a movie.

Penhall’s prerogatives: Penhall has moved in with his girlfriend Dorothy, and they’ve devolved into “bickering couple” status. Cory’s declarations of true love for Dean contrast Penhall’s rocky relationship woes.

Because it wouldn't be a road trip without comedic hotel room misunderstandings.

Because it wouldn’t be a road trip without comedic hotel room misunderstandings.

Undercover blues: Dean shows up, following our heroes (how’d he find them?), proving himself to be not such a nice guy. He holds Hoffs at gunpoint – in the shower no less – to make off with Cory.



Goin’ to the chapel: I’m not clear as to why, exactly, Penhall and Hoffs get this assignment. This again raises the question of just how huge of a jurisdiction Jump Street has.

Trivia time: The small-town sheriff in this episode is played by recognizable character actor Joseph Whipp, well known among horror fans for playing a cop in both A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream.

"Why do I always play a cop?"

“Why do I always play a cop?”

Jumpin’ or not? A fun, lighthearted romp. The “characters go on a road trip” thing is always good for some outside-of-their-comfort-zones interaction, and that’s the case here. It’s jumpin’!

Next: Summer vacation, or summer hiatus?


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