21 Jump Street rewatch: “The Currency We Trade In”

Rewatching 21 Jump Street! The subplot about Penhall working for another department takes center stage in season three, episode three, “The Currency We Trade In.”


What’s goin’ down: Penhall makes a huge bust and gets promoted to the major crimes division. He’s then assigned to a difficult child abuse case, in which a local celebrity is a suspect. When he makes some serious missteps in the case and is taken down a few pegs, he starts longing for the good ol’ days at Jump Street.

"I borrowed this jacket from Kurt Russell in Tombstone."

“I borrowed this jacket from Kurt Russell in Tombstone.”

Here’s Hanson: He’s not happy at all when Penhall sets him up on a blind date. They don’t get along at first, but that changes after they bump into each other a second time. Hanson’s love of bowling, established in the first season, is mentioned several times in this one.

Penhall’s prerogatives: Penhall’s wracked with guilt over the mistakes he’s made, and confronts everyone involved in the hopes of making things better. He goes back to Fuller for a nice heart-to-heart talk. After getting put through the emotional wringer, he rejoins Jump Street at the end.

"Benefit from the wisdom of my neon blue bathrobe."

“Benefit from the wisdom of my neon blue bathrobe.”

Book ‘em: Booker is nowhere to be seen this week.

Undercover blues: At the start of the episode, Penhall makes his big bust undercover as a cook in a diner. It’ll remind modern-day viewers of the movie A History of Violence. Anybody know if David Cronenberg is a Jump Street fan?

Goin’ to the chapel: There’s a go-nowhere subplot about repo men taking Captain Fuller’s car. (We can assume it was Harry Dean Stanton, right?) Ioki mentions that he’s been teaching self-defense classes on the side for some extra cash.

Trivia time: Penhall’s new partner is played by Peri Gilpin, who went on to play Roz on Frasier. IMDb lists this as her first on-screen credit.

"No, I'M listening."

“No, I’M listening.”

Jumpin’ or not? Whew. Lots of heavy melodrama in this one. There’s little humor and no teen hijinks, so a lot of it doesn’t like 21 Jump Street, instead coming off as generic cop drama. Not jumpin’.

Next: Are you ready for some football?!?


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