Reading Sherlock Holmes – The Stockbroker’s Clerk

Re-reading the original Sherlock Holmes stories. The Stockbroker’s Clerk shows Arthur Conan Doyle mixing things up a little, by tweaking the Holmes formula just enough to keep things interesting.


Facts of the case: A stockbroker has been offered what appears to be a dream job, except that his new office is a shambles, and there are two suspicious brothers with matching gold teeth lurking about. He hires Holmes to figure out what’s going on.

Great detective: Instead of hanging out at Baker Street, this story begins with Holmes visiting Watson at Watson’s home. He relaxes in Watson’s rocking chair (!) and enquires about the well-being of Watson’s wife.


Good doctor: We learn Watson has recently purchased a new medical practice from a retiring doctor, and business is booming. He’s been seeing so many patients that he hasn’t visited Holmes in weeks.

Action hero: Holmes and Watson go undercover as job applicants. Later, Holmes uses his awesome strength to break down a door to rescue a man on the verge of death.


Yes, this is canon: We learn Holmes has a habit of biting his nails. Gross, dude.

Indubitably: This one is a lot of fun, and a rarity in that none of it takes place at Baker Street. Then there’s a serious turn when the plot become life and death. The villains’ plot remains somewhat baffling even after two read-throughs, though.

Next week: Great Scott!


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