Fantastic Friday: Fantastic Four podcasts

Fantastic Four podcasts! Who wants some? Appropriately, here are four that I’ve been listening to:


Fantasticast. The hosts, a pair from England, are going through not just the Fantastic Four comic series, but every appearance by the characters in any Marvel comic. So, you’ll be getting a lot of Strange Tales, Marvel Two-In-One, and the many guest appearances. Their critiques of each issue are fair and nicely thought out, and they have a ton of great trivia notes on hand. Because they grew up reading the Marvel UK reprints, we get to learn a lot about the baffling ways Marvel UK used to repackage old comics.


The 4Cast. A podcast with a single host, this one started with issue #575 and took us up through the modern times, with a lot of talk about the Hickman run up through the Matt Fraction run. There’s quite a lot of talk about the Fantastic Four movies as well, with a series of ongoing news items leading up the 2015 film.


The Fantastic Fourcast. I’m assuming this is the longest-running FF podcast, with more than 500 episodes. This one is more of a comedy podcast, poking fun at the many absurdities of superhero comics. Episodes are really short, ranging from ten for forty minutes tops, so it’s easy to burn through a bunch of them at a time. The website is a little clunky, though, forcing you to click back through page after page if you’re searching for a specific issue.


Baxter Building. While I’ve been enjoying all four of these podcasts, Baxter Building is my favorite. A spinoff of the Wait, What? podcast, Baxter Building’s two hosts are re-reading the series several issues at a time, so their episodes usually go over two hours each. Still, they’ve got great insight, deep trivia knowledge, and a winning sense of humor. You can follow along with the notes on their website, including some choice scans from the issues. Great stuff all around.

There you go! Hope everyone checks out these podcasts and enjoys them as much I’ve been. If you know of any other FF-specific podcasts, let me know and I’ll check them out

Next week: Doom! (Or maybe something else.)


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