Universal Monsters rewatch – Revenge of the Creature 1955

Rewatching the Universal Monsters! The ones on the Blu-ray box, at least. After the first one was a big hit, a sequel got rushed into theaters. It’s Revenge of the Creature.

Here’s what happens: A second expedition to the Amazon succeeds in capturing the Creature. He’s then taken to a Sea World-like aquarium/theme park to be studied and put on display. We all know it’s only a matter of time before he gets loose.

Monster! The Creature is called the “Gill-man” in this movie, which he’s often known by. I think “Creature” sounds cooler.

Also a monster! The filmmakers show an interest in real wildlife, with shots of crocodiles in the Amazon, and real sharks and barracudas swimming alongside the Creature inside the aquarium.

Our hero: A scientist named Clete (Clete?!?) wants to study the Creature, but the Creature falls for his fiancé, complicating matters. When the Creature goes on the run in the third act, Clete becomes Tommy Lee Jones type hunting the Creature as a fugitive.

Hapless humans: Helen is the girl in question, but she’s a scientist herself and takes part in experimenting on the Creature. There’s also a rival scientist, Joe, who also has eyes for Helen and complicates matters. Lucas, the crusty ship captain from the first movie, is back again for more easygoing charm. And yes, that is young Clint Eastwood in his first movie role as a lab tech.

Thrills: The first part of the movie is a short remake of the first, as scientists face off with the Creature in the Amazon, complete with underwater fighting. When he first wakes up at the aquarium, there’s a fun scene where he rampages and almost escapes right away. This is followed by another, bigger rampage when he escapes for real, and later trashes a seafood restaurant.

Laughs: Lots of comedic shenanigans going on the science lab, including a playful monkey.

Thoughts upon this viewing: Honestly? I get The Shape of Water a lot better now. There are so many scenes of the Creature locked up in the tank being sad while the humans get to about their lives. Instead of terrifying, you really feel for the poor guy.

Next: Mums on the run.


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