21 Jump Street rewatch: The top five best episodes

jump1I went and did it. I watched all four seasons of the original 21 Jump Street. Here are my personal picks for best episodes:

5. Christmas in Saigon

"Anybody seen a Private Ryan around here?"

This flashback to Ioki’s past is one of Dustin Nguyen’s best performances, partially-based on the actor’s real-life story. What really earns it top five status, though, is how all the other Jump Street cops rally around Ioki after he gets in trouble, showing how this bunch of goofy cops had become a family of sorts.


4. Nemesis

Every town has an Elm Street.

Booker’s finest hour. Richard Grieco is a comedic punchline for a lot of people, but he’s really good in this episode, where Booker constantly has a ton of rage brewing under the surface. The episode is also one of the most stylishly-directed, with some nifty visual references to A Nightmare on Elm Street.


3. Champagne High

Now THAT'S how you make an entrance.

The McQuaid brothers, recurring undercover personas for Hanson and Penhall, are like regular “characters” in their own right, and this is the best McQuaid ep. It really plays up the fun and absurdity of the show’s cops-pretending-to-be-teenagers premise.

2. Awomp-Bomp-Aloobomb, Aloop Bamboom

"If you're a communist, shouldn't that be a red bikini?"

One of the best things about the show is how the writers weren’t afraid to experiment and get totally weird whenever they wanted. This spring break episode isn’t just spring break — it also features a creepy cult and teen communists, but with a sweet love story at its core.

1. High High

I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can smash televisions. The whole cast goes undercover at a performing arts school, where everyone gets an interesting subplot to explore, and the whole thing is submerged deep within neon ‘80s cool. I’ll say it one more time: It’s jumpin’!

Next week: Something new. Something blue.


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